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I'm Pro Trader
Dr. Rana

Ph.D in Stock Market “Options as a Strategic Investment in Indian Capital Market”.

More than 10 years experience in Indian Stock Market.

I am option seller with Hedging Techniques like Butterfly, Straddle, Strangle, Ratio etc. and Scalper too

Trading for Living

Doing various Strategies like Butterfly, Straddle, Strangle, Ratio for that we rare using Excel sheet to decide what to trade. Trading required latest software like Greek soft & Convex.

I am a Scalper too in Banknifty, in which  i take quick decision to make profit or loss.

What Services I'm Providing

Teach Price Action Trading

Many day traders focus on price action trading strategies to quickly generate a profit over a short time frame. software platforms can be used

Teach Hedging Techniques

Hedging is a risk management strategy employed to offset losses in trading by taking an opposite position in a related asset.

Providing Fund for Trading

Our Pro Trader Program provides you with the professional trading platforms, trading tools and account funding you need to compete in today’s market.

What My Clients Says

“The way he explains trading is awesome. Teaches by Giving LIVE trading examples. Post completion of course I got good confident on trading and left job and taken trading as career. I am happy now as i am earning more than what I was earning while I was in job.”

Vikrant Sisodia

“Never thought stock market trading is easy but after taking Technical & Hedging Classes from Dr. rana daily earning in stock market is easy. His classes is great. He explains everything even the complicated trading stuffs in simple ways.”


Rahul Mishra

“It was great to learn technical analysis. I was completely new to this field. Today I’m very confident to trade in stock market. Overall it was a fantastic experience.”


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