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About Us

About Us

Our traders have knowledge and experience which are valuable in proprietary trading. we also offer training opportunities to building traders who wish to learn more about the market and the options strategies.


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How trading in the stock market can empower women financially.


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Monitoring trade performance is an important element of trading activity.


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Trading options carries a huge capital risk and one needs to get more knowledge on how to manage funds to avoid losing money.

Why Choose Adhocoptions

Trading Strategies

with adhoc-options you find education based on more than 10 years of experience from Dr. Rana

Privileged Education

Continuous and Up-to-date Education so that you can progress in your trading methodology every day

Experience The Market

Learn to recognize the signals in the markets to take better investigation decision and to create your own future in trading

Social Community

We are a family of traders with continuous support and feedback to help us walk our trading journey

Funding Opportunity

You have the chance to have a fully funded account by Dr. rana if you desire so you can trade the market.
*conditions apply*

Learn from any Palce

Education on Demand, learn 24/7 and from anywhere. you can access the education from any device.


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