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We offering you a course called “Pro Hedge Option Trading”.

The market is uncertain and can go anywhere, so here we trade only through hedging.

Never have any naked position in any situation.

I want to clarify all the questions that you might have about this program.

  1. What will you learn from this course?

We always say that the market is uncertain and will remain uncertain, i.e., it is challenging to predict Market direction.

  1. So the question arises How to trade?

One Need to Trade in that instrument where one can earn money even if he is directional wrong.

  1. What is that Instrument?

You need to Trade in Options.

  1. What are the Options?

Options are financial derivatives that give the buyer the right to buy or sell the underlying asset at a stated price within a specified period.

Options, as the name suggests, gives an option to the buyer if wants to buy (Call option) or sell (Put option) on or before the expiry of the contract.

Anyone can buy this right from the option seller by paying a fee (Premium), and the seller is obligated to honour his promise.”

Don’t Worry If you don’t get about Options, we will explain everything in our course.

  1. What will you learn from this course?

The course is designed systematically with a lot of practical examples.


6 Pure Hedge Option Strategies

  1. Original Butterfly
  2. Skip Butterfly Version 1
  3. Skip Butterfly Version 2
  4. Long Condor
  5. Chain Ladder Version 1
  6. Chain Ladder Version 2

24 Setups for Weekly Options More than 50 trades one can generate for single week ( not including next week options and monthly options )

Session 1: Option Basics and Option Models

what are options

what are call and put option

Call/Put Buyer and Seller View

Why Options are Introduced

How to Trade Options like Pro

Learning from Two Famous Option Models:- Blackschole Model and Binomial Model


Session 2: Option Greeks and Introduction to Butterfly Strategy

Option Greeks in details: Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega

What is Butterfly Strategy

Option Selling vs Net option Selling

How to trade options covering all possibilities i.e profit from all market moves ( getting profit even if market goes up , down or stabilise )


Session 3: Value Concept Master Guide

What is Value Concept with examples

Why Value Concept is followed

Value Concept use while Entry, Exit, Scaling and Holding Trade.

How to use Excel for Value Concept


Session 4: Chain Concept Master Guide and Master Example

What is Chain Concept with examples

Why Value Concept is followed

Chain Concept use while Entry, Exit, Scaling and Holding Trade.

Master Example covering all adjustments

Which Strike to Enter

How to adjust if:

Case 1:- Market Goes Up

Case 1 A:- Market Goes Up More

Case 2:- Market Goes Down

Case 2 A:- Market Goes Down More

Case 3:- Market Stabilises

Case 3 A:- Market Stabilises and Stabilises

Case 4:- Market Vix Increases

Case 4 A:- Market Vix continuously Increasing

When to Exit

When to hold

When to Scale


Session 5: Importance of Vix, Daily Homework

What is Vix

Why Vix is important for Butterfly Strategy

How to trade in low Vix, high Vix

How to adjust to changing Vix

Daily Homework To Do

GIST of Homework


Session 6: Option Secret, Chain Butterfly Full Guide

Option Secret of Success – Very Useful ( will Know its importance, only after you know it )

What is Chain Butterfly

How to use Chain Butterfly

How to book Profit or scale position in chain butterfly

How to scale position without increasing margin ( using chain butterfly concept )

FAQ on Chain Butterfly


Session 7: Master Class

How to trade butterfly with technical analysis breakout ( we will not teach technical )

How to scale Profit

Iron fly vs butterfly

Useful Practical Conceptual Knowledge at End of Course

Skip Butterfly Version 1

Skip Butterfly Version 2

Long Condor

Chain Ladder Version 1

Chain Ladder Version 2

What can you expect after completing the course?

Complete understanding and confidence when Trading in the Option Market.

Will be able to adjust himself in any situation of market

Will learn to trade at large scale without panicking

Apply best adjustments and methods to boost you trading career

and finally, making money with your Trading.



The course is divided into seven sessions, and Each Session will be Share as following:

Live Market Support: after Course Completion

Total Course Duration: 7+ Hours of straightforward and practical knowledge based sessions.

Along with the recording Session, a whatsapp group will be created for support and doubts resolution. ( There will be Whatsapp rules )

As part of Support, we will clear all your doubts and share short videos if needed for significant doubts.

All recordings can listen to an unlimited number of times for three months. After three months, we will wind up our batch, and videos & Whatsapp groups will also be wind up.


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